Pig Out on Reading

Tales from a Small Town No. 3

World’s Most Famous Pig Comes to Library

From CKNJ July 28, 2008 –
The “most famous pig in the world” is coming to the Taylor County Public Library.

Farmer Minor and Daisy, his pot-bellied pig, will be at the library on Wednesday, July 30 at 11 a.m. for a “Pig Out On Reading” program.  Daisy has been on a national TV show and will bring her collection of library cards with her.

Two comments only (there could be WAY more, but I will contain myself).
1.  Did they really have to call the event “Pig Out on Reading”?  Wouldn’t the event do better if eating (aka “pigging out” at the buffet line) and the world’s most famous pig (aka sausage and bacon) were not together with reading.  After seeing the event name, I start thing about eating a BBQ pulled pork sandwich or grilled pork chops or a succulent honey-glazed ham.  I stopped thinking about reading a long time ago.

2.  How did Daisy become the world’s most famous pig?  Were other pigs in the running?  Did Daisy win the title after she had more appearances than say Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web or the award-winning actor Babe who starred in his own movie?  I mean, come on, Daisy has not been in any major motion pictures and yet she claims superiorty over many other well-deserving pigs.  What about Arnold Ziffel from Green Acres?  That pig was multi-lingual and could speak intelligiently about politics and weather.  He has to be in the running.  All the hype around Daisy makes me think something has gone sal-th.

See the full article here.

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