Church Hoppin’

I was invited to preach today and next Sunday at Woodlawn Baptist Church in Lebanon, KY.  Sweet, little congregation over in the next county.  We had about 80 in services this morning and 20 this evening. 

It was interesting being back in a smaller, rural church setting.  I haven’t done that in quite sometime.  You forget was it is like to only see 80 faces.  At Main Street, one small group Bible study could be more than their whole evening attendance. 

But our time together was enjoyable.  I think they were bit overwhelmed this morning with my preaching style, but they were much more comfortable and open this evening.  I am looking forward to next Sunday.

We also attended Campbellsville Baptist Church this morning in their early worship service.  A great time of praise and hearing God’s word clearly preached.  This is our second visit to CBC’s early service.

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