Drug Bust & Other News

Last night (8/27), Jennifer and I came home after a date night to see tons of flashing blue lights in our neighborhood.  Another drug bust was in progress on the street that runs parallel to ours (N. Columbia Ave.).  So with our neighbor three houses down facing drug charges and awaiting conviction and now another close neighbor getting busted, we are start to wonder just what kind of community did we move into. 

Jennifer is considering going before the city council and demanding tougher action.  I just told her to run for office herself.  She declined to put her name into the candidate pack.  It is election season.

In other news, the CKNJ posted my CU press release.  To see the story, click here.  I am embarrassed to say that my fat head has now become an official Tale from a Small Town.  Boo hiss.


2 thoughts on “Drug Bust & Other News

  1. “. . . we are starting to wonder just what kind of community did we move into.”

    You moved into a community without Light! It needs your and Jennifer’s Light.

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