130 First Time Decisions for Christ at CU

Yesterday, God showed up at Campbellsville University. 

130 Freshman made first-time decisions to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior during the weekly First CLASS large group chapel on Monday morning.  First CLASS (Character, Leadership and Stewardship Studies) is the freshman year experience program at CU. 

I witnessed the whole thing ive and in person.  Numerous attempts were made to talk the students out of their decision to follow Christ.  There was no tricks, no frills, no overly emotional manipulation, just the Gospel of Christ presented clearly and powerfully.  And the result was that students responded to Jesus.

All 130 of new believers will meet this week in their already scheduled weekly small groups and be discipled by their two small group mentors (a fellow student and CU staff member).  40+ of the students were athletes representing every sport offered at CU.  Every coach has been notified of their athlete’s decisions and asked to follow-up with their committments.  The campus Ministries office, along with the First CLASS leadership team, are working to follow-up with every decision.

God’s kingdom was expanded on Monday right here in Campbellsville, KY.  It was too good.


2 thoughts on “130 First Time Decisions for Christ at CU

  1. 130 decisions to turn over to lives to Christ is an awakening!!! That is huge. I am shocked there has not been more celebrations over God’s work. Perhaps the shock waves have yet to reach across Kentucky. Praise God. What a party must have been going on in heaven. Did this make the Recorder?

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