Suite 208: Revisited

Yesterday, the whole family and I were on a walk across campus after dinner in the Winter’s Dining Hall (hmmm, good!).  We walked over by my old dormitory,Southhall East.  Oh the memories that came flooding back to my mind. 

Taking up all 6 washers and dryers in the building to do my laundry.  Room checks.  Lobby duty as an RA.  Setting off the fire alarm with my burnt bagel.  RA meetings with my dorm director Curtis Barnes.  Sweet memories of 4 great years in the dorm.

We decided to take a peek instead.  We found nice, new lobby furniture.  Wi-Fi access.  A new TV.

Isaac and I decided to explore some more and walked upstairs to my old suite.  The historic SUITE 208.   It was like I was showing my eldest son a piece of modern history.  The hallowed hall where his father learned to be a man.  History was being passed down from father to son; generation to generation. 

As we knocked on the door, I was a bit nervous.  I heard “Come on in” through the slightly cracked door.  When my head peeked inside, two college students looked at me like I was an alien.  Their facial expressions said it all, “Who is this freak?  And why is he lookin’ in our room!”  I told them I was a former student and lived in this room.  They didn’t seem the least bit interested.  They continued playing Halo.

The room smelled rotten.  Dip cans thrown all over the coffee table.  Stains on the carpet.  But they had the drum set and guitar for Guitar Hero; essentials for dorm life.

Isaac and I left and walked back downstairs.  I doubt I will be returning to my old room any time soon.  I guess I am now officially too old to be in the dorms.

One thought on “Suite 208: Revisited

  1. I guess historic 208 artifacts were not discovered on this venture? You need to arrange for a little 1 night 208 reunion in the summer months sometime (when no students are there). We could come prepared with EC board, reg nintendo, IBC rootbeer, you know…the works!

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