CU School of Theology

Some of you have requested a short tour of my new work environment.  So I took a few pics this morning and will try to give you a quick overview of where I work.

This is the little placard in the front of our building.  Druien Hall is where our School of Theology is located.  There have been rumors of one day getting a new building, but Druien works just fine.  Druien used to be a dormitory, but was later converted to offices and classroom space.  It is one of the older buildings on campus.

Druien Hall is nearly a perfect rectangle.  (I am standing on an angle, which makes the picture look like the building is slanted.  It isn’t.  But that would be really cool.)

This is our basement hallway.  All of the classrooms are on the basement level.  We have 4 classrooms down here and a conference room.  Our department secretary, Mrs. Betty Hatfield, is also located on this floor.

Here is one of the classrooms I teach in.  If you look through the windows, you can see we are beneath the sidewalk level outside.  Maroon chairs are nice.  CU’s school colors are maroon and grey.  The classrooms have a chalkboard and a dry erase board.  I was shocked to still see chalk.  One room has a flat panel TV, all the others require you to bring in a TV or projector.  The rooms can be sterile, but I have found with some natural light, a little background music, and a lively discussion makes the Druien Hall classrooms warm up.


And this is my office.  Jennifer makes fun of me because I have alphabetized my books on the shelves.  You can see the sticky notes on the side of the bookshelf as my organizers.  I have really nice furniture.  A nice new Dell computer.  Plenty of space to stretch out under my desk and take a nap (just kidding-remember the Seinfeld episode).

That is about it.  I love my new job.  I love being on campus around students.  I love the fall leaves, hearing the band practice in the afternoons, watching college athletics, and teaching.  This is really a dream come true.


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