Faculty Approved!!!

This afternoon the faculty of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary approved my dissertation title!!!  Thank You Lord. This is the final hurdle (not huddle) to jump so that I can actually begin my research project.  There were no questions or alterations to my research proposal.  I got the green light.

I am very excited to get through this step, but now starts the REAL PART – getting 10 to 15 Baptist colleges to complete my survey.  Yikes.

2 thoughts on “Faculty Approved!!!

  1. Congrats!! That is awesome!!!

    On another note, I sat in your class and heard you talk to your students about posting comments on the class blog. And how they should double check spelling and grammar before posting.

    I had no idea you could jump over a huddle. Wouldn’t that be more of a pole vaulting tactic? I mean, I think of a football huddle. Those guys are big. So, it would be a huge feat to jump over a huddle like that.

    Then again, that may suite your point better than jumping over a hurdle.

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