Interp Gone Bad


I laugh and laugh at this picture the more and more I look at it.  It looks like an interp has gone terribly bad. 

If you are not familiar with the term “interp” let me explain.  An Interp is short for Interpretative Movement or Interpretative Dance.  Many churches use a form of dance, ballet, or “music with motions” as creative elements in their worship service.  Usually the particpants were all black and perform to a song.

You can almost imagine this being an interp with Jesus on the cross.  Notice how Isaac’s arms’s are outstretched and he is standing next to a tree.  If you use your left brain, you can see it.

But the funniest part is that Ethan is running away.  He is getting out of there.  “RUN FOR THE HILLS.”  This interp thing is not for him.  He is gone.


One thought on “Interp Gone Bad

  1. Shane,
    That is so funny. I had the same thought about what Ethan was doing – and wondering exactly what Isaac was doing. Thanks for the explanation!

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