Febrile Seizures in Hardin County

We have spent 24 hours in Hardin County Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown.  Ethan had two Febrile seizures yesterday. 

A Febrile seizure is caused when a child’s temperature spikes too fast.  The first seizure was in the car while we were traveling to Hancock Co. for a family visit.  We called an ambulance and they brought him in to the hospital.

Several negative tests later we were about to be discharged to take E home, when he had another seizure.  This time it was longer and more intense.  The medical personnel got him under control and more tests were ordered.  Everything pointed to a viral infection which was causing the fever.

So at this moment, 9 AM on Thanksgiving morning, we are waiting for the pediatrician to come and do his checkup on E.  All the tests have come back negative for various diseases.  They have given him Tylenol and Motrin to keep the fever down and antibiotics to fight the virus, which seems to be working.

Isaac went home with his Nana and Aunt Jan.  Jennifer and I stayed the night with E.  I guess we will be watching the Macy’s Day Parade from the hospital TV.

You understand Thanksgiving better when you spend the day in a hospital.  Thankful for doctors and nurses who care for your child.  Thankful for ambulances that can drive 80.  Thankful for cell phones that pick up reception in the middle of nowhere.  Thankful for family who come to your rescue.  Thankful for a silly sports medicine degree that helps you stay calm and know what was wrong with your son.  Thankful for a wife who has stayed awake 24 hours caring for her baby boy.

Thankful to God for his great protection and provision this Thanksgiving.


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