Carver School of Social Work


Jennifer will be starting back to college this semester.  In a few years, she will join hundreds, even thousands, of other illustrious alumni of the greatest liberal arts college in the US: Campbellsville University.

She is going to be returning as an undergrad student seeking a Bachelors in Social Work.  She already has a B.A. in English Lit. from EKU and two Master’s degrees in Christian Education and Church & Community Ministry from Southwestern Seminary, but this BSW will help her work and serve in a secular social work field without any problems or questions.  Not to mention, because I am faculty, it is cost-effective (aka free).

The Louisville Courier-Journal did a great piece today (12/30) on the CU Carver School of Social Work.  It tells of its history at Southern Seminary and how CU acquired the school several years back.

Click here for the whole story.

And if you wish to send Jennifer luck as she heads back into the classroom, you can email her at

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