Maple Trail Events


Maple Trail Ministry Consultants (the consulting firm Jennifer and I lead) is gearing up for a pretty busy spring semester with several opportunities to equip and train leaders all over the state of Kentucky.  Here is a brief overview of where Maple Trail will be this spring.

January 24 – Bethlehem Baptist Church, Cunningham, KY – Shane & Brandon Carrier will be leading a Bible Study Teacher Training for children, youth, and adult teachers.

February 6-7 – KBC Deacons-Pastors-Spouses Retreat – Lexington, KY – Shane will be leading two breakout sessions.

February 15 – March 15 – Columbia Baptist Church, Columbia, KY – Stewardship emphasis – Shane, Jennifer, Phillip Brunner and Andrew Dyer will be helping CBC grow in their stewardship efforts using a variety of ministry strategies.

March 6-7 – Blackford Bapt. Assoc. Youth DiscipleNow Weekend – Shane will be preaching the main sessions and training the youth ministers and leaders in ministry workshops.

March 8 – Lewisport Bapt. Church – Shane will be preaching at his home church to help celebrate their 150th year anniversary.  Too much fun.

May 18-19 – KBC Youth Minister’s Retreat – Shane will be training youth pastors from around the state in the changing youth ministry paradigms.

April 26 – Campbellsville Baptist Church – Shane will be preaching during the morning worship services.

May 24 – July 7 – Main Street Bapt. Church, Alexandria, KY – Shane will be preaching 7 weeks as Pastor Bob Franklin, my former pastor and boss,  is on sabbatical.  It will be great to go back home to one of the greatest churches in America.  I can’t wait.

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One thought on “Maple Trail Events

  1. Hey! Looking forward to enjoying your preaching again in May-June! God is certainly blessing you and your work there in C’ville.

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