The Evangacube & My Son

ecube_classic_lgI have always loved the evange-cube (now called the e-Cube, sold by E3 Resources).  As a former pastor and now as a parent, I just love having something I can share the Gospel with children. 

The other day Isaac came over to the office and found my cube in the desk drawer.  He asked if he could take it home to play with it.  I, of course, said yes.  (This is my second cube because he destroyed the first one about a year ago.)

This morning Isaac was playing with the cube while watching cartoons.  His mother decided that she would use this teachable moment to share the plan of salvation with our 3 year old.  After all Dr. Dobson claims that he came to faith at age 3, why not start now.

Jennifer goes through the whole plan of salvation while Isaac is listening and watching her flip the cube.  When she is all finished, her son (…not mine, her’s) looks up at his mommy and says,

“Wellll, yeah…but I just want to play with it.”

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