Racial Disparity in Kentucky

A collection of statistics concerning the racial disparity in the state of Kentucky shared by Mr. John Johnson of the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights.

  • Kentucky is the 4th most impoverished state in the Union (only below Mississippi, West Virginia and New Mexico)  with 15% of Whites below the poverty line; 35% for African Americans.
  • In Kentucky, 75% of white families own their homes; 30% for African Americans.
  • In 1955, African American teachers represented 6.8% of the teaching force in KY public schools; in 2007, only 3.7% of the teachers were African American.

These are sad facts.  We think we have come so far in our ideas and concepts of racial equality and liberty, but in reality, the situation is still desperate and unsettling.

I loved a statement made by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. which was shared by Mr. Johnson today,   “Success is not measure by the number of servants you have, but by the number of people you serve.”


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