Spring Ministry Opportunities

I am really looking forward to the next month in ministry. 

I get the honor of preaching at Living Grace Church on Palm Sunday, April 5.  Then on April 26, I will be preaching at Campbellsville Baptist Church.  Then on May 18-19, I get to lead two sessions at the KBC Youth Minister’s Retreat.

And then from May 24 to July 5, I get to preach in the greatest church in Kentucky: Main Street Church in Alexandria, our former congregation.  My former pastor, Robert Franklin, will be taking a 7-week sabbatical and the church leaders have asked me to come and fill the pulpit during those weeks.  The entire family is very excited to see our friends and family from NKY.

Not to mention, I will be turning in my dissertation at the end of May…Lord willing.

Busy couple months coming up, but I am thrilled to be used by the Lord in his kingdom work.

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