Dissertation Update

It has been quite a while since I gave a dissertation update.  Well things have been moving along rather nicely over the past few months.  I began sending out invitations to Baptist related colleges and universities to participate in my study way back in December.  I had to wait until every one came back on campus in January to get any real responses.  Since that time, completed surveys have been trickling in slowly but surely. 

I had a secondary push to get more schools to participate over the last month.  One, last ditch effort to get 10.  10 was my minimum and I was stuck on 7 for months.  The result of the final push was I got a few more schools to join in.  As of right now, I have 11 schools (with one more agreeing to start, but haven’t completed any surveys yet).

Those schools are:

  1. Campbellsville University
  2. Mid-Continent University
  3. Blue Mountain College
  4. Bluefield College
  5. Hannibal LaGrange University
  6. Howard Payne University
  7. Baptist University of the Americas
  8. Soutwest Baptist University
  9. Brewton-Parker University
  10. Hardin Simmons University
  11. William Carey University
  12. Oklahoma Baptist University (agreed but haven’t started yet)

Even with a few surveys still to be completed, I have entered the statistical analysis phase (Chapter 4 for those who have done a research dissertation).  I have four main questions to answer and I am nearly through answering two of those questions statistically.

My goal is to finish analysis in April.  Then write Chapters 4 & 5 in May.  It should be sent off in the first draft form by May 30.  I will hopefully defend my dissertation in July.  That is my hope and my goal.  I would love to get this thing done before the fall semester begins.


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