Finals Week & Commencement

10 years ago, May 1999, I was finishing my last finals week at Campbellsville University.  I was getting ready to walk across that line, decked out in my black robe and hat, ready to receive my Bachelors diploma.  And now, May 2009, 10 years later, I am GIVING and GRADING final exams and will be watching MY students receive their Bachelors and Masters diplomas.  It is like the circle of life has hit all in 10 years.

10 years.  10 years ago, I hadn’t met Jennifer.  10 years ago, I hadn’t lived in Fort Worth, TX and in Northern KY.  10 years ago, I had no children, no wife, no job, only a calling by God to go wherever He leads.  God has been so faithful these last 10 years.

In 10 years, serving on three church staffs.  In 10 years, completing two Master’s degrees and my doctorate.  In 10 years, meeting, marrying, and serving alongside my best friend in the world, Rose.  In 10 years, growing way too much GRAY hair..but not loosing any.  In 10 years, praying for and seeing the births of my two beautiful sons.  In 10 years, returning to my alma mater to prepare students for the ministry and to share the Gospel in the classroom every single day.  All in 10 years.

What on earth will God do in the next 10 years.

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