Main Street Week 1

Week 1 back at Main Street Church in Alexandria was soo good.  It was good to be home.  It was amazing to see everyone, catch up with the news and get so many hugs.  You know you are home when you have been gone for a while and when you come back, it’s like there hasn’t been one day a part.  This summer is going to be awesome.

I preached the first message in the He Gave, I Give series.  We looked at Acts 6-7 and the life of Stephen.  Stephen gave of his time to serve, his testimony before the council and ultimately his life before his persecutors.  He called upon Jesus as he gave up life for the sake of the Gospel and our Lord.

Next week, we will look to Barnabas in Acts 4 who gave of his property and calling.


One thought on “Main Street Week 1

  1. Shane, It was great to have you back. I was Nursery so listened to you over the intercom. When you started talking, Ethan pointed to the speaker in the ceiling and said “daddy”. Will the message be uploaded to i-tunes later this week? You said something about God being the Lord of our Lives but not of our hearts (or something similar, can’t remember exactly) so would like to listen again.

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