It Has Come to An End

Last Thursday night (May 28) roughly 12:15 AM, I emailed my draft dissertation to my dissertation chairman.  It finally came to an end. 

Official title:  Models of Academic Governance and Institutional Power on Southern Baptist Related Liberal Arts Colleges and Univerisities.  182 total pages.  11 participating Baptist colleges and universities.  161 total surveys processed.  It took 12 months and 28 days to complete from beginning the prospectus phase to editing the final pages.

The process is not entirely complete.  I will defend, hopefully, in July.  The dissertation defense is a 2-hour process where my dissertation committee can ask me any question about my study and give me some areas that need to be revised.  Usually there about about 20-30 of editing and revising to do after the defense. 

But after that, you are done.  You send in the final copies to be bound and you walk in graduation.  After the defense, you are a DR.  I feel a huge relief.

2 thoughts on “It Has Come to An End

  1. Good for you! I know that’s a big load off your shoulders. You should be proud of your accomplishment.

    It was good to see you yesterday, even for a moment. What a blessing! You are greatly missed.

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