My Summer Reading List

Each summer I take on 3 books or so to read during the break.  Last summer it was all Oprah book club: Kite Runner, The Shack, and The Road.  The summer before that was Tuesday’s with Morrie, Lesson before Dying, and Harry Potter No. 7.

This summer we are going in a slightly different direction. The summer reading list is:

  • Becoming King: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Making of a National Leader by Troy Jackson.  This book specifically looks at the time Dr. King was pastoring in Montgomery, AL at Dexter Ave. Baptist Church.  After my trip to Atlanta last fall and visiting the Dr. King museum, I have wanted to learn more about his life, ministry, and preaching.
  • God is the Gospel by John Piper.  I received this book a couple years ago at the Together for the Gospel conference and am now just getting to it.  I need to be challenged in my understanding of God.  I heard Piper preach that when we get a bigger view of God, we get a better understanding of the Gospel.  This book should do just that.
  • The Autobiography of Malcom X by Alex Haley.  I have been fascinated with Malcom X since seeing the Denzel Washington film portrayal years ago.  With my study of Dr. King, I thought it would be interesting to read about a contemporary of King who took on a whole different direction in the Civil Rights movement.  I have also been interested in the Nation of Islam.

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