Main Street Week 3-5

It is hard to believe we are through 5 weeks at Main Street.  Only two weeks remain.  This has been such a wonderful blessing to be back at Main Street and to get reacquainted with so many folks who we consider dear dear friends and family.

This past week was Father’s day and I preached a message on Cornelius from Acts 10.  The week before was way more feminine and girly as we studied Dorcas in Act 9.  You can hear that message at iTunes or by going to

This week is probably the most heavy message of the entire series entitled Peter: My View of People.  Peter’s transformation in Acts 10 is nothing short of radical.  This message was partly inspired by my visit to the Dr. Martin Luther King Museum in Altanta last fall (read post here) and to reading the book, Becoming King, about Dr. King’s pastorate in Alabama.

This week is a busy one.  SBC Convention.  My summer classes finish Friday.  Two Maple Trail consulting appointments.  And then back to NKY on Friday for more visits and meetings.  I love summer ministry.

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