Diss. Defense Tuesday

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 7 (16 days before my 32nd birthday), I will sit for my dissertation defense. 10 AM at Southern Seminary in Louisville.

For a couple hours, I will present my findings and listen intently as my dissertation committee gives me their critiques of my research and writing.  I will have opportunity to ask them questions about ways the document can be improved before the final printing later this summer.

If everything goes good (as I predict it will), then tomorrow by around 12 noon, it will be all over.  My doctoral studies will be complete.  My dissertation will be defended.  And my name will be changed forever to Dr. Garrison.

Wow.  Big day.

4 thoughts on “Diss. Defense Tuesday

  1. Know I am praying for you (mostly that you will really enjoy the moment) and am proud to have watched you go through and accomplish the process. Those who are not privy to the enormous discipline and work that went into this accomplishment cannot begin to appreciate the milestone.

    BTW I hope you took your sign home with you!

  2. 4. Oval July 15 2009

    The older ones takes some time to respond– Thanks for you time at Main Street and a job well done. It was so good to have you and the family with us if only for a short time. Congratulations on completion of your doctoral studies and I will when I come to Campbellsville try to call you Dr Garrison.

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