Defend Thyself

The dissertation defense went amazing yesterday.  Just three of us were there.  Me, Dr. Williams, my dissertation chairman, and Dr. Jones, my second reader.  I did my 25 minute presentation.  Then they asked a few questions and gave me some minor changes I need to make the document.

The questions were about my conclusions and why I thought certain things were happening.  Very engaging conversation.  I haven’t found many folks who even think about my dissertation topic (Christian higher education administration), much less talk about the topic with some excitement.

Then they asked me to step out of the room.  While outside, they privately discussed my work.  Then they called me back into the room.

Dr. Williams then said the magic words.  Shane, we are going to approve your dissertation and move you onto December graduation.  Congratulations. Those words sealed the deal.  I have completed my doctoral studies and my dissertation.


4 thoughts on “Defend Thyself

  1. Dr. Garrison… I always knew I’d be able to say I knew you when….. Congratulations Shane. Your hometown is so proud of you, not for the Doctorate but for being the strong Christian man making a difference in this world. Know you are in my prayers often and I am eternally grateful for you!!
    PS I love reading about God’s work in your life on here!!!

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