Post Sermon Syndrome

I once read an article from a wife’s perspective about what her husband was like after he preached a sermon.  She described his state as PSS (Post Sermon Syndrome).  After 7 weeks at Main Street and usually a long drive back to Campbellsville, I experienced some of the same symptoms she described.

I was tired and exhausted.  Quiet and reflective.  I wanted to talk about the day with my wife, but really didn’t want her to be brutally honest with me…at least not yet.

But for the most part I am recycling phrases of the sermon in my mind.  Remembering faces in the crowd at certain points.  Wondering if I made the right connections to the Gospel.  Wondering if I read the scripture passage clearly and with passion.  Trying to figure out what that woman meant by that comment to me on her way out.

Can any other pastor/reader of this blog describe their Post Sermon Syndrome?  I would love to know if I am alone in this.


2 thoughts on “Post Sermon Syndrome

  1. My dad is a pastor of a small older church in Breck Co. I have heard both my parents talk about Mondays being Daddy’s “Downtime”. That after being in the pulpit twice on Sunday is mentally and physically exhausting. So on Mondays Daddy normally doesn’t visit hospitals, unless it’s an emergency, or prepare for Wednesday or Sunday. Monday is the day he will rest, get out and enjoy mowing, or just do something different. Most people enjoy Sundays as our “Day of rest” but for anyone in the Ministry they must find another day.
    I agree with the term Post Sermon Syndrome. I wish congregations would acknowledge it and give all Ministers some time of rest and time to process God’s use of them. For all Ministers: Find your downtime.

  2. One of the greatest gifts of no Sunday evening service is the ability to unpack the morning experience. I hate putting Michelle in the place of being “critic” for me and she normally doesn’t take that role. In fact she rarely says anything critical unless I have done or said something profoundly stupid, inappropriate or out-of-character. I always appreciate her comments then, if for no other reason than to have the opportunity to make adjustments between our services.

    My greatest struggle is consistency between the messages, making sure both congregations hear the same word from the Lord. If I phrase something particularly well in one service and not the other, it really drives me mad. If I use an illustration that really connects and then skip over it the next session I am so disappointed in myself. Additionally, if, after hearing the message myself on Sunday, I think of things I should have shared, I am frustrated that I had not processed my experience with the Lord fully…I think I’ve got the “syndrome.”

    Thanks again for being available to provide from the Lord week after week. You are deeply loved!

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