New CU Logo


Campbellsville University, my alma mater and employer, has recently released a new school logo.

I am personally impressed and excited about the new design and branding.  CU is taking a bold step to publicly identify herself as a Christ-centered, Christian university.  Religious colleges and universities are plentiful in America.  There are over 500 universities with some level of religious affiliation.

However, a Christ-centered university is different.  A Christ-centered university attempts to offer students more than just a Christian environment that is safe.  It seeks to foster spiritual development by teaching a Christian worldview.  It seeks to produce Christian servant-leaders in all academic disciplines which love their field of study and love the Lord.

The steeple is the newest addition to the logo and represents a significant statement about our identity as a university.  The image is taken from the Ransdell Chapel, a centerpiece of our campus.  The Ransdell Chapel was completed in 2006, the first time CU has had a chapel on her campus.

Much like Solomon’s temple in the Old Testament, the chapel has centralized God’s leadership and presence at CU.  The chapel provides students with a place for weekly worship and prayer.  It is a place to  where students can hear and be challenged by biblical preaching.   It is a place where every Freshman is trained in Christian leadership, character and stewardship.  The chapel is more than a auditorium to hold graduation commencement and recitals.  It is a place where God is glorified, Christ is exalted and the Gospel is regularly heard.

This new logo says a lot to me.  It says CU is seeking to honor God in all our ways and to ignite a passion in our student’s hearts, minds, AND SOULS.


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