Reaching Millennials in Your Church

Leadership Journal (Summer 2009) did several excellent articles stories on reaching Millennials in your church.  Here are the best quotes I read.

“As the Millennial generation replaced Gen X, the time-tested combination of relevant teaching and coll music no longer sufficed.  Media-savvy young adults could download all the great teaching and music they wanted for their iPods.  Nothing seemed to impress them.”

“Older models of evangelism aimed at leading humans to a reception of God’s grace in Christ by making them aware of their profound and utter sinfulness.  A different model might be in order to ‘reach” [Millennials].”

“…20-something ministry leadres say reaching the millennial generation will require mor than playing mainstream music, dimming the lights, and talking about sex. All see deep, genuine community as the crying need and key avenue for commincating and displaying the gospel.”

One thought on “Reaching Millennials in Your Church

  1. unless you’re truly focused as a church in SERVING (on a consistant basis) and LOVING (genuinely) the way Jesus loved his community, then relevance will only take you so far.

    the “church” has been so concerned with itself rather than others for far too long. No one wants to stick around for a self-serving institution forever. If there’s little to nothing of true community and passion and drive, then they will go elsewhere to find it.

    all of this, of course, is my humble opinion.

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