Do People Really Want Relativism?

Relativism is a worldview that says what’s right for me, doesn’t necessarily mean its right for you.  Or conversely, what I view as wrong, doesn’t have to be wrong for you.

Each person has the permission and the rights to choose their own personal rights and wrongs, or morals.  Progressive relativism leads to secular pluralism – the worldview that says all views (or the plurality of views) are okay, moral, and ethical.

But do people really want excessive relativism?  Do people really want to live in a world with absolutely no absolutes? No moral limitations? No ethical restrictions?  I dare say we do not.

Do we want relativistic courts?  Absolutely not.  We want judges who enforce the laws of the land.  Judges who give sentences based on guilty verdicts.  Judges who only sentence that which the government has approved as a reasonable punishment.  We do not want judges making their own personal decisions on sentencing based on how they feel about the person or the crime.

Do we want relativistic police officers?  Officers who can search your property without a warrant.  Officers who can declare you guilty without proof.  Or officers who can arrest you without a legitimate charge.  Absolutely not.  We want rules, order, and limits to our police force.

Do we want a relativistic military?  Do we want relativistic medical doctors?  Do we want relativistic garbage men who choose what to take and to leave?

We want our freedom as Americans.  We hesitate to say anyone is wrong or out of bounds.  But in reality, freedom and democracy only works when rules are enforced and stability is ensured.  The very presence of democratic restrictions imply relativism is not a ruling principle of the land.  There are still boundaries and limitations in moral judgments.

Postmodern Americans depend on want what conservative Christians call Absolute Truth.  They depend on it and they want it.


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