My First Book…Maybe

A while back I shipped out a book proposal to B&H Publishing on the Millennial generation. I never got any feedback and I wondered why.

Well, now I know why. This summer Dr. Thom Rainer, president of LifeWay, and his son Sam Rainer will be publishing their own book on Millennials.  Also Dr. Tim Elmore, author of “Habitudes” and nationally-known speaker and former consultant with Injoy, will be publishing a book called “iGens” on Millennials as well.  I guess I was too late to the game to get any callbacks.

But I am working on another “secret” book proposal now.  But this time I am bringing in some other contributors to help me with the book.  The audience for the book is Christian parents who want to teach theologically-rich content to their gradeschool and preschool aged children as they serve as the primary disciplers of their kids.

Dr. Ware's Book

As a parent of two preschool boys, I am constantly trying to find ways to explain big theological doctrines to my boys’ little hearts and minds.  Dr. Bruce Ware and his book “Big Truths for Young Hearts” has been my motivation.  I loved his book and wished he had gone one step further.  I wished he would have included activities, object lessons, projects, and illustrations to do with your children in teaching them theology.

Our new book will do just that.  It will include a brief scriptural overview of the doctrine (i.e., communion, God’s sovereignty, Jesus’ divinity, the Trinity, Jesus’ return, etc.), then provide parents with specific instructions in how to communicate these ideas to their children using age-appropriate language, and then conclude with 5 – 10 ideas of how to practically teach these concepts to children through learning activities and spiritual play.

I think this sounds like a winner.  Now only if we can find a publisher willing to pick up our book?  More info to come…I hope.


4 thoughts on “My First Book…Maybe

  1. Sign me up to purchase one of these! What a fabulous idea!! I used two object lessons this week to explain the Trinity to Haley. If you want to use the ideas, I’ll be glad to share. However, knowing how clever you and Jennifer are, you probably have already used them. Looking forward to hearing about “finished” book on the shelves!!

  2. You may find this information by Dan Miller on publishing helpful:

    I receive his newsletter and listen to his podcasts and have learned a lot about small business from him. I remembered him talking about self-publishing and that he had an e-book about it. Your post brought this to mind so thought I would pass it on.

    Best wishes to you,

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