Jennifer’s Surgery Update

We made it to the hospital, Central Baptist in Lexington, around 8:30 AM.  She was quickly taken back to pre-op.  Around 11, they strolled her away to surgery.  The surgery lasted for about an hour and a half.  Dr. Brooks, her surgeon, came to visit us afterwards.

According to Dr. Brooks, Jennifer had 4 disc fragments, not 1 like we thought.  Apparently the MRI did not show the other three fragments.  He was surprised that she could even walk in light of the serious rupture of her disc.  He removed all 4 fragments and cleaned the area around the nerve.  His exact words, “She is one tough woman.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Around 4 pm, we were allowed to see her.  She already had some feeling back in her leg and foot.  She is already walking normally.

They are keeping her overnight for observation.  Her parents, Earl and Linda, are staying with her this evening.  I brought the boys home.  8 hours in a surgery waiting room was plenty for two preschoolers.  Tomorrow, one of our dearest friends Stephanie Deffinger from Main Street is going to bring Jennifer home.

I am so thankful for a successful surgery.  Thankful that my wife is somewhat back to normal.  And thankful for help from family and friends.

While we were waiting, the boys and I went into the chapel at the hospital and prayed for Jennifer.  Those boys prayed their little hearts out for their Mama.  It was quite touching.  God answers prayers.


7 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Surgery Update


  2. What an answer to prayer! So thankful that Jennifer will be back out enjoying her flowers and the boys this summer. Thanks for the update! We’re looking forward to your message on Sunday!

  3. Shane,
    Thanks for the update on Jennifer. Is everything going to be all right with her back now? I’m sure glad she was able to find out the problem and get it fixed. God definitely answers prayer.

    Love you,

  4. THANK GOD! I’m so glad her surgery went well and was a success. It was great talking to her Sunday after service to let her know what I had just gone through with my back surgery. I hope I was able to help relieve some of her fears, letting her know she was not going to have to go through what I did with mine. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. God Bless you and your family! My family is looking forward to hearing your sermon Sunday.

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