30,000 Hits

Yay, my blog just passed the 30,000 hits mark.  I know that isn’t a lot like a YouTube clip that get 1 million views overnight, but to me, it a reason to keep the blog going.

Thanks for checking out shanegarrison.org.  https://fellowtraveler.wordpress.com (original name of the blog) will live on.

One thought on “30,000 Hits

  1. Dear Dr. Shane: I have been so blessed by the sundays I have spent at Parkway. We Live in knott county ky. We drive to bardstown to visit regularly to see my brother. The weekend we were ask to visit his church has been a eye opener for us. You have given us the strength to go through many since we first heard you at Parkway. When we could not be there, we have watched you online and have been blessed for doing that. I have been a christian since 1974. My husband is a christian as well. Our only problem is that we have never been able to find a pastor or church that has touched our lives as you have. Through god, you have been able deliver to us messages that have given us eye opening strengths and views that I know we would have not seen. Your presence in our lives have been such a blessing and we wanted to know if you have sermons online other than Parkway. We hope to still be able to hear your message. All the best for you and your family. My brother and his wife share our feelings for you as well. God Bless You…….Patti Crum …pcrum0004@kctcs.edu

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