Green County Fair Talent Show

My blog feature column “Tales from a Small Town” took nearly a year off.  All the things I experienced as we moved back to a small town were very real and apparent when we first got here in July 2008.  Yet after two years in Cville, all the small town happenings which used to be featured in this column now feel like normal life.


I was graciously invited to be a judge for the GREEN COUNTY FAIR Talent Show.  I, along with CU School of Music assistant professor Mr. Chad Floyd, will be judging the vocal/instrumental talent show on Friday, June 18.

Why is this humorous and exciting all wrapped into one?  First, this is one of the perks of being a faculty member of a university situated in rural KY.  You are considered an expert enough to judge a local talent competition.  Second, I haven’t been to a county fair since I was in high school and I’m excited to see how they work.  Third, as judges we get complimentary tickets to the Demolition Derby.

How’s that for a sweet gig!!!


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