Update on Theology 4 Kids

We have had an interesting summer already with our book Theology 4 Kids.

Just to fill everyone in.  I, along with my esteemed colleague Dr. Jarvis Williams are writing a book called “Theology 4 Kids.”  Basically it is a book to help parents and teachers teach the deep doctrines of the Bible to gradeschool and preschool aged children.  We tackle 21 of the hardest doctrines like the trinity, God’s holiness, redemption, God’s sovereignity, etc.

B&H Academic initially showed much interest, but has since viewed the book as more for parents and less for future pastors and seminary students.  Their market is seminary and Bible college classrooms, which might not fit our book’s audience the best.  The other side of B&H Publishing (called Trade) is very interested in the book, but has no room for another parenting book this year.  Two others are already in progress by more notable writers.

So we are re-working the proposal and planning to ship it to a few other publishers to see if there is any interest.  If not, we will stay with B&H and try to wiggle in a spot in the publishing plan for 2012 or 2013.

Like I tell my boys all the time when they ask for something, not emphatically yes or no, but “We’ll see.”

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