Ethan IN the Pulpit

After my final service at Parkway, Jennifer and I were standing at the front of the sanctuary visiting with a few folks while the boys were running the isles and playing on the stage.  I know, I know…pastor’s kids think the sanctuary is just another playground at church.  We were trying to control them, but they just run and do laps around the building. 

Anywho, I turned to notice both of them on the stage playing by the pulpit.  At Parkway, they have a beautiful glass pulpit (you can see it in the videos below).  This pulpit is open on the inside and has just enough room for a child to get IN it.  And that is exactly what Ethan did.  He got INTO the pulpit.  Whole body, arms, legs, head – all IN the pulpit.

He loved it.  I was like his own little glass house that he could see through.  He was in boy paradise.

My youngest child was not standing around the pulpit leading in worship and praise, not above the pulpit preaching the word and definitely not kneeling below the pulpit in humble prayer and petition…he was IN the pulpit. There has to be a sermon illustration in there somewhere.

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