Super Vision or supervision

Lenny from Toy Story

Do you have a Super Vision? Or are you in supervision of someone else’s dream?

Super Vision is the God-sized dream He has planted in your heart and mind solely for you to complete with the days you have remaining on this earth.   A Super Vision can be anything God has called you to do that is far beyond your wildest dreams.  It is something that only He can lead you to seek after.  It is something only He can equip you to accomplish.  It is that Super Vision that might cause you the greatest sacrifice but provide you the greatest joy.

Supervision, on the other hand, is when you have been assigned the task of managing someone else’s God-sized dream.  You administrate the daily comings and doings of someone else vision.  Nothing wrong with supervision.  Most of us will be in supervisory roles far more in our lifetimes than in hearing and following the Super Vision.  We will hear a Super Vision from a boss, employer or pastor and do our best to supervise its progress and movement.  We will not be known for the vision, only for the accomplishment of it.

When you hear God’s voice and sense his divine Spirit pressing upon your heart with something that you know is way beyond your capabilities, what do you do?  Do you run?  Do you ignore the presence of God?  Do you convince yourself that this is not the right timing or the right circumstances?

Or are you willing to follow the Super Vision of God?  Are you willing to see what God can do with your life and aspirations?  Could He possibly use your life for something special in his kingdom’s work?

The etchings on your gravestone will definitively tell future generations which direction you choose to follow.


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