His and Her Remote Controls

Jennifer and I took an odd jump in the wild world of marital bliss.  Today, by a completely random set of circumstances, we became the proud owners of His and Her Remote Controls to the SAME bedroom TV. 

We’ve had a universal remote for our bedroom TV for quite some time.  A few days ago it stopped working.  So we bought another universal remote yesterday at the store. 

This afternoon Jennifer programmed the new remote and it works fine.  But then, as if inspired by woman’s intuition, she decided to try and re-program the old remote as well.  We thought it was broken.  But in fact it wasn’t broken at all, just needed to be re-programmed.

So now one remote sits on my night stand.  The other remote sits on hers.  Time will only tell when we actually go head to head over who has dominate control of the TV.  Instead of two people fighting over one remote.  We are two people with two remotes fighting over one TV.  It is going to get interesting.

We’ll keep everyone up-to-date on who wins more often.  My bet is on me.

One thought on “His and Her Remote Controls

  1. We’ve had His-n-Hers for a while now. Another long story. But it’s nice when he falls asleep and I don’t have to find his. Plus mine has a sleep timer. Enjoy.

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