My First Paper Presentation

Today, I am presenting my first paper here at Campbellsville Univ.  The title of the paper is “Postmodernism and the Shift in Millennial Christianity.” The paper tries to explain the worldview shift from modernism to postmodernism in America and how this shift impacts Evangelical Christians living in this culture.

This is part of the CU School of Theology Biblical and Theological Lecture series.  We have several of these each semester.  And this one happens to be my turn.  There could be 100+ people in attendance.  Several classes, including two of mine, have been required to come and listen to the lecture.

I am somewhat nervous by all of this.  I am not a lecturer by trade.  I love to teach through facilitated experiences and group interaction.  I love it when the class does more talking than me.  So reading a 10 page paper straight through is a bit different and out of my comfort zone.

Nevertheless, I am going to give it a try and see what God can do with it.  If this is the way theological education was done way back in the day, I’m sure He can still make use of it in the 21st century.


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