Did Jesus Ever Get Sick?

I’ve been coughing for about two weeks.  Cough drops, cough syrup, Nyquil and hot coffee have been my cures. Over the past week, a question has kept sneaking into my head.  Is there any reference in the Gospels of Jesus having a cold?  Did Jesus ever get sick?  I know he was fully human, which means he walked, slept, ate, drank, needed a bath and had to go to the bathroom, but did he ever experience a sickness or physical injury.

I have looked over and over in the New Testament for an example of Jesus getting a stubbed toe or a hangnail; nothing. I have looked for Jesus needing to sit out for a while because he pulled a hamstring or had a cut on his foot; nada. No reference to Jesus sneezing, coughing, or needing a hankie.

I know Jesus suffered the torture of the crucifixion and the horrific beating of the Romans, but before that did he ever have a broken finger or strained muscle?  Did he get headaches or an upset stomach?  Did he ever get a sinus infection or have a raspy voice from preaching too much?  Was there times during his carpenter years when he couldn’t go out on the job site because he was up all night coughing up a lung (an experience I have become very familiar with the last couple weeks)?

Just a question I am thinking about.  One of those questions I will probably ask when I get to heaven.  Not as deep as other questions I have, but one that has been on my mind as I have been popping Halls like they are candy.

6 thoughts on “Did Jesus Ever Get Sick?

  1. We still listen to your sermons that you had in bardstown and have listened to some of the new things and will continue to be blessed bytupu as long as you post them. Thanks again so much. You are surely a blessing. God be with you. Patti and Elvis Crum. ps. If you are ever close by or we can attend according to your schedule we will be there.

  2. and, if Jesus did catch a cold and it stuck with him for a few days, would Word of Faith preachers say he wasn’t healed because he didn’t have enough faith?? How awkward…

    • Like you I have seen no reference to Jesus being sick just the suffering he endured. But I am sure being human he had to have suffered from all the things we as humans go through. But I would say he prayed for his needs. Elvis and I may stay so busy . We have grandchildren we care for, we also care for two elderly adults who live in our home. We try to be there for our friends and family. I pray for many things. But the one thing I pray for most is for god to give me the strength to stay on the path he has for me, to give me the strength to be a help to others, and with doing this serve him. So many times I have wanted to move. We grow so tired trying to be here for all, but whether its in the house, in my car, at school, I ask that god give us the strength and be thankful for another day to do what he has give us the chance to do. We constantly search for a church to call home. Here in eastern ky the southern baptist churchs are not in plenty. Its kind of like a car or a home to me. you know its a fit when you see it. But even with that, we make it a regular habit to hear the word no matter the mode of its transportation, a church, the radio, or the internet. I know you are enjoying your stay at Bethany as I know they are enjoying you, we did. We hope you and your family enjoy the holidays. I look forward to your new sermons. Your friend in Christ, The Crums

  3. Heck YES! Even though the bible says nothing about Jesus getting a head-cold, it doesn’t mean that he never did! He was human just like us, and was subjected to human weaknesses.
    He got tired, and hungry (The poor guy was so exhausted once, that he actually fell asleep in a boat!), and thirsty, and angry, and frustrated.
    Therefore he must’ve gotten sick once or twice.
    In fact, the only reason that it’s probably not in the bible, is because it’s not a very important piece of information! The deciples put in the stuff that they thought was the most crucial.
    So, Jesus got a sniffle from constantly calming storms, or a blister from strolling around Gallilee in sandals? Great! What’s the point again? His life from 12-30 wasn’t even IN the bible! So a cold… might not be that significant.
    So… yeah. He got sick, and did it like a boss. Without complaining, and he carried on!
    Feel better by the way! :-)


  4. just another insight into this discussion. i too have been pondering the mystery of god in the flesh. one basic premise that i believe is missing from this discussion is that jesus was the second adam. more importantly, the second pre-curse adam. so in effect, sickness, disease sin and death had no claim upon his body as he walked this earth. so my conclusion is that, no, jesus did not contract sickness. and then of course the myriad of questions which arise after this conclusion. did he suffer malnutrition after his fast? well the bible says that he was hungry. that’s it. nothing more, nothing less. did jesus ever become fatigued? yes, there are verses which confirm this. if jesus would have lived another 100 years before he was led to the crucifixion, would he have been a feeble, aged, old man? hmmmm, mabye, but most likely not. for i believe that jesus in human form would have lived forever, other than the fact that he was born to die. a death in which he willingly deferred too. his beating was so brutal that no ordinary man could have lived before being hung on the cross. nonetheless, jesus, if he willed, could have hung there forever. he allowed death to enter and became subject to it, only at his submission to it.

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