Millennials on Clear Communicators

This week I had one of my ministry classes find examples of clear communication.  They were to find a video clip that demonstrated a clear communicator, show the clip to the class, and then describe what they saw in this person. 

Here is a brief list of what Millennials value in communication.

  1. Clarity – keeping the idea or concept simple and to the point.
  2. Use of Visuals – they all love when the speaker uses objects to illustrate their point.
  3. Passionate – communication must come from the heart and exude passion and vitality.
  4. Embodiment – they all chose communicators who embody their message in their live.  They want communicators to live out what they are speaking on.
  5. Creativity – words alone don’t work for Millennials, they want to see a creative demonstration.
  6. Authentic  – the communicators were very real and down to earth in their communication style.

Finally, all of the communicators my Millennials selected were digital.  Meaning, my students easily found a useable clip online on YouTube or Vimeo. 

These communicators consistently put their content out into the virtual world for people to interact with.  There was a public nature about these sermons, talks and messages.  They were not confined to a particular church service or conference which only the attenders could benefit.  Their material was published for the masses with the hope of encouraging and challenging more.

Conclusion:  If you are going to communicate to Millennials and emerging generations, you must included these 6 characteristics.  Otherwise, you probably won’t be heard.

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