Variations in Worship Expression

I am currently serving in a church with a very different worship expression than the last four I’ve served.  I won’t use the phrase “worship style” because that has too many emotions attributed to it, but regardless to say I’m in a different world.

In past churches (both as a staff member and as an interim) the worship atmosphere has been contemporary and enthusiastic or more relaxed and informal.  In my Texas church experience, I would say things were rather “rodeo” or even “cowboy.”  I have become quite comfortable seeing people wearing jeans, clapping and raising their hands, seeing more creative elements in worship and technology being a regular, natural part of my Sunday morning experience.

But currently, I am learning to be more reflective, more still in my mind and heart, more contemplative and reverent in my worship expression.  I am finding the joy in a more liturgical offering of worship based heavily in the Word, in deep theological hymns, and more silent listening to the preaching.  This has been a real eye-opening experience for me.

The variations of church worship are so widespread.  The spectrum is so vast.  It is hard to believe that I really have only been connected to Southern Baptist churches in my lifetime and even among the same denomination the worship expressions are as different as could be.

Final conclusion: Worship is about the heart of the person reflecting praise and glory to God for who He is and what’s He’s done and that can be accomplished in all sorts of ways through all sorts of worship expressions.

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