Digital Testimonies at CU

I wanted to share about one of the coolest ministry projects I’ve been involved in in years. 

Starting this week, the CU School of Theology is filming digital testimonies of our students sharing their personal story to faith in Christ.  So far we have 10 students who have volunteered to film a short 3 minute testimony about their relationship in Christ. 

In the coming weeks, these videos will be shown on the LCD monitors in our Druien Hall hallways, online on our CUTheology Vimeo channel and SOT website and our on our Facebook & Twitter feeds. 

The goal is for our School of Theology students to share their personal narrative for anyone and everyone to watch.  Hundreds of students walk our hallways each day who have never heard someone share their story. Our hope is that these short testimonies will be conversation starters that will lead more people to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Personal, honest, authentic stories from Millennials sharing their heart with other Millennials is sure to be a powerful means of getting the Gospel out to more and more on our campus.


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