Summer Ministry Opportunities

I am looking forward to a busy late spring and summer season of teaching and consulting ministry.  I get the honor of working with several new churches and participating in an amazing leaderhship conference.  As always, I am thrilled to be invited and look forward to beginning new relationships with these churches.

May 16-19 – Contagious Churches & Leaders Conference – Campbellsville Univ. Louisville Extension Center, Louisville, KY – I will be presenting a main session on how Millennials are reacting to the cultural shift of postmodernity and how that is radically shaping their worldview.  The main session speakers are Dr. Leonard Sweet, Dr. Steve Ayers, Dr. Kevin Cosby, Dr. Jeff Eaton, and Jon Weece.

May 20-21 – Hope Community Church, Frankfort, KY – Christian Parenting Conference – I will be presenting two seminars for Christian parents and preaching in the Sunday morning worship services. Hope Community is pastored by Dr. Jeff Eaton.

June 6-10 – VBS at Campbellsville Baptist Church – I wouldn’t miss VBS for anything.  I am working with the preschoolers again this year.  I hope I get to do preschool music.  Gives me a reason to jam out on the guitar.

June 11 – Anchor Baptist Church, Richmond, KY – Transformational Church Leadership Summit – I will be leading Anchor through the Transformational Church process. Anchor is pastored by Chris Carroll.

July 24 – Crestwood Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY – Children’s Ministry consultation – I will be presenting a Bible Study Teacher Training workshop and preaching in the Sunday morning worship services. Crestwood is pastored by Dr. Michael Hail.

And I am still the interim pastor at Bethany BC in Louisville.  I believe they are getting closer to a candidate, but I am committed to staying on until they secure a senior pastor.

God is so gracious to use broken vessels to serve others in His name.

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