Bethany BC Calls a Pastor

Interim no. 3 is coming to an end. 

Ken, Shannon & Kids

Bethany Baptist Church in Louisville, KY has extended a call to Bro. Ken Vickery from Auburn, AL.  Ken and his wife Shannon, along with their two children, will be on-field some time this summer.  He is currently on the pastoral staff of Lakeview Baptist Church in Auburn.  He is a soon-to-be graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bethany.  The people are so sweet and gracious.  I have loved serving with youth pastor Nick Webb and worship pastor Dr. Tom Bolton.  Marilyn Anderson is one of the best church secretaries I’ve ever been around (and I have been around some phenomenal church secretaries).

When I finish this summer, I will have preached weekly for over 10 months.  That is the longest run so far in my ministry career.  Getting into the Word weekly, seeking something fresh and vibrant from the Lord, and getting the opportunity to stand before a congregation and teach has been a great joy. 

I thank God for my experience at Bethany.


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