Isaac Contradicts His SS Teachers

From an email sent to me from Isaac’s Wee Worship teacher after his class on Easter Sunday.

Dear Shane,

Isaac told us in Wee Worship today how when Jesus was on the cross  the Roman soldiers stabbed Him, and his dad showed him where they stabbed him with a pin.  I said, “and think how much worse it was for Jesus, because it was a big sword they stabbed Him with!”  Isaac responded, “No, it was a pin. My Dad told me yesterday.”

Yes, we were teaching Isaac and Ethan about the cross using The Purple Bag our childrens pastor provided for us for Good Friday.  The bag had 10 little items that the boys pulled out one-by-one that told the crucifixion story.  One of the final items was a silver painted toothpick representing the spear the soldier used to pierce Jesus’ side. 

We looked at the “spear” and then I poked both boys in the side showing them where Jesus was stabbed.  Then I had them poke me with what they thought was a “pin.” 

Apparently I need to be more careful with my teaching techniques.  Isaac is now contradicting his teachers because what Daddy’s says must be the truth.  That makes me pause and think what else I have said that he is going to correct his Sunday School teachers about.  Hmmmm….

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