Top 5 Questions I Get about Campbellsville Univ.

After 3 years of teaching at CU and being a proud alum, I find that I get the same 5 questions about my beloved university all the time.  So I thought I would give you the questions and my answer to the top 5.

1.  How many students does CU have?   The answer is about 3300 overall, but that consists of 200-300 in Louisville, some in Northern KY & Bowling Green, another good batch in Somerset, and many students studying fully online in all sorts of programs.

2.  Is CU a Bible college?   No.  While we do have a School of Theology (where I teach), we also have a School of Education, School of Music, College of Arts & Sciences, the Carver School of Social Work, and the School of Nursing.  We are a university offering associates, bachelors, masters and post-graduate degrees in numerous academic fields and disciplines.

3.  Are all the students professing believers in Jesus Christ?   No.  It is hard to know the exact ratio of believers to non-believers at CU because all we ask on the application is church affiliation, and that doesn’t always mean relationship with Jesus.  But from my involvement with the Freshman class and in my general education courses, I would say 70% of the students at CU are at least Christian in statement.  But even that is probably high if you ask how often they attend church or do they have a personal relationship with Christ.  In my unscientific estimation, I would say its close to 50/50, believers to non-believers.

Which always leads to the next question…

4.  Why would a student who is not a Christian go to a Christian university?   My answer is always three-fold:  1) Sports, 2) Parents, and 3) Proximity.

Sports promises many students the hope of playing college athletics.  These students are not getting scholarship offers to the big universities, but want to keep competing at a higher level.  We can give them a chance to keep playing after high school and still be competitive on the national level.

Parents love the smaller, Christian atmosphere.  Our campus prohibits drinking in dorms, has no fraternities or sororities, and is a very close knit community of faculty, staff and coaches who are committed followers of Christ.  The atmosphere is safe, small, and personal.

And finally, Proximity.  CU really connects well to the counties and towns that run between the I-65 and I-75 interstate corridor of KY.  Location is everything for students who want quality higher education without traveling hours away.

5.  And the final question I get all the time.  Has it changed since you were there?   ABSOLUTELY, YES!  I graduated way back in ’99 (nearly 12 years ago) and things have radically changed.  The campus is much larger, vastly more beautiful, and continues to grow every year.  The faculty is much more diverse ethnically, age-wise, coming from different parts of the US and world.  There are all kinds of new sports and opportunities for students on campus.

Most of all, CU is more of a Christian university now than it was when I was a student.  Not that it wasn’t a Christian university back in the ’90, but it is now more “distinctly Christian.”  More opportunities for worship, mission trips, Bible studies, and community service.  Our very slogans are “Find Your Calling” and “Preparing Christian Servant Leaders.”  There is a uniquely Christian vision and mission all across the institution.

I love this place and hope to keep answering these types of questions about my Alma Mater and school.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Questions I Get about Campbellsville Univ.

  1. Shane-
    Question for you….what are Educational Ministies?
    Second, does CU have an on-line Masters program? I am applying to grad schools and looking for something on-line.
    Hope you all are well,

    • Jen – Educational Ministries represents ministry to youth, children, small groups, families, education. Anything in spiritual formation and Christian discipleship.

      CU does have several master’s programs. Several of them are fully online (special edu., theology, MBA) and others are hybrid program with online and face-to-face instruction.

      Thanks for asking,

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