Busy Week Ahead

This week is supposed to be the start of my summer break, but I won’t really be sitting on the porch all that much.

On Tuesday, I will be listening to the amazing Dr. Leonard Sweet, author of Postmodern Piligrims, AquaChurch, and many other titles, at the Contagious Churches & Leaders conference in Louisville.  I’ve read nearly everything Dr. Sweet has ever written and it will be a special treat to get 8 hours of content live and on-site.

After 8 hours of listening to great ideas and cultural analysis, I will be teaching 4 hours on the Baby Boomers in my Intergenerational grad class.  Quite anti-climatic for the students who were in the conference all day listening to Sweet and then have to end their day listening to me.  Nevertheless, class is class.

Then on Wednesday morning, I am up at the Contagious Conference sharing about my experience with Millennials and how to understand them spiritually.  I”m not thrilled being the first speaker to follow Dr. Sweet, but I am honored to participate in a small way.

My first session will focus on studies we’ve conducted on incoming Freshman at CU over the past 3 years and how they are responding to the Gospel in my Religion in Life classes.  The second session will attempt to analyze the spiritual convictions of Millennials offering 5 areas of concern and 5 reasons to have great hope.

Then on Thursday afternoon, the annual Suite 208 Golf Scramble will take place at Bright Leaf Golf Course in Harrodsburg, KY.  I will be joined by Mr. Chad Floyd (ABD) as my partner competing against Zach Rice and Brandon Carrier.  Last year Chad and I won in the 2-man best ball competition.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, I will be speaking at Hope Community Church in Lawrenceburg, KY.  I will be leading 2 workshops  Saturday evening and Sunday evening and preaching in the 2 services on Sunday morning.  The focus on the conference is Christian parenting and teaching believing parents how to engage their child in discipleship.  My message for Sunday morning will focus on how a church should respond to spiritual orphans in their midst and care for them once they are saved.

Should be a busy, but productive week.


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