My Hopes for the Upcoming School Year

I will start my fourth year at Campbellsville University in a couple weeks.  Three falls, 3 springs, and 3 summer semesters have come and gone.  In many ways, I feel like I’ve been here for years.  But at other times, I still feel like a rookie, green behind the ears. 

At the beginning of each year, I try to select a Bible passage as my theme passage and set ministry goals for the semester ahead.  The theme passage hasn’t come just yet, but here are 5 things I am hoping and praying God does in and through me this 2011-12 school year.    

1.  Deeper, stronger mentor relationships with the young men I personally disciple.  There are a couple guys who I meet with on a very regular basis talking about life, ministry, relationships, school and their devotion to the Lord.  I am really hoping these relationships grow and expand.   Both men are facing school, relationship, and ministry challenges.  I am praying God allows me to walk alongside of them and coach them well during this pivotal time.

2.  Greater growth in my own servant-leadership.  I am hoping God continues to refine me as a second-tier leader in the School of Theology and as an emerging leader on the entire campus.  I have much to learn about humility, grace, patience and waiting on the Lord’s timing.  But as these past 3 years have progressed, God has brought more and more opportunity for leadership and influence my way.  To those who are given much, much will be expected. (Luke 12.48)

3.  More Jesus-centered, Gospel-focused moments in my basic Christianity course.  I am hoping God opens more hearts in my Religion in Life course than ever before.  I am only teaching 1 face-to-face RNL course this semester and I truly want God to use this one class to be transformational for all 35 students.  I am changing my approach and experimenting with new methods to better reach Millennials with the Gospel.

4.  Consistent church ministry involvement.   Last year I served in one local church pretty much the whole term, which I loved.  From August 2010 to July 2011, I preached every Sunday in Louisville at Bethany BC.  I don’t exactly know what God has in store for me this school year, but staying active and vibrant in local church ministry is a must.  Preaching the Word every Sunday and serving the needs of a local community gave me more passion and insight as I was teaching my Christian ministry students.  Be doers of the Word, not merely hearers. (James 1.22)

5.  Begin each day on my knees.  As some of you know, Bethany BC gave me a prayer bench as a thank you for being their interim pastor.  It now sits in my office, right next to my desk.  I am asking God to bring me to my knees every day before I turn on my computer, answer an email, or grab my books to head to class.  Spending my first few minutes every day before the Lord in prayer should change everything in 2011-12.

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