2012 Thru the Front View Mirror

All leaders want to look forward and see what’s coming on the horizon.  Every year I write 5 to 7 goals for myself in several categories: spiritual, financial, marriage & family, career, personal.  I like to think, envision and dream about the future.  If you don’t have a target, you’ll hit it everytime. 

For 2011, I met 5 of my 7 goals (71.4%).  Not too bad.  Those were:

  1. Spiritual:  Finish Bethany Bapt Church well.
  2. Financial:  Wipe out medical and credit card debt and pay for everyone’s (Jennifer, Isaac and Ethan) school tuition in cash.
  3. Parenting:  Build the boys a tree fort and have a camp out.
  4. Personal:  Get below 170 lbs for the first time since we were married.
  5. Marital:  Determine Jennifer’s career re-entry plan.

I didn’t complete two goals: 1) career – find a publisher for Theology 4 Kids (my book).  I was turned down 3x’s.  Stink!  Or 2) financial – buy a new car in cash.  Both vehicles are still running fine and didn’t need replacing, which I am very thankful for.

So what’s on the horizon for 2012.  Here’s the list. 

  1. Spiritual:  Finish Lancaster Bapt well.  Ending an interim pastorate is like landing a plane on an air craft carrier.  You have to do it perfectly or a lot of people get hurt.  This will be my 4th landing.
  2. Financial:  Knock out a huge chunk of Jennifer’s Ph.D. tuition, maybe the whole thing in one year.  That would means a lot of extra work.  Summer school here I come.
  3. Marital:  Celebrate our 10 year anniversary in a big way.  Can we say Honeymoon 2.0?
  4. Parenting:  Read all the Gospels to my boys.  We are halfway thru the 7 Chronicles of Narnia books and it is going really well.
  5. Career:  Find a publisher and get a contract on the book.  Gotta keep pushing and seeking the right fit for this project.
  6. Personal:  Travel on the Apostles & Epistles Tour to Turkey & Greece.  This will complete my biblical lands cycle (e.g., Israel, Egypt, Rome, Italy, and Jordan).
  7. Personal:  Select a charity and get involved at a higher level.  Preferably something the whole family can volunteer in and support from our community.

What’s your goals for 2012?

One thought on “2012 Thru the Front View Mirror

  1. Shane,
    Thanks for posting this, you have inspired me. I am printing it out for the entire family and hopefully it will inspire all of us. If nothing else, it should spark some lively conversation.
    Blessings to you, Jennifer and the boys,
    Gretchen Smith
    Parkway Baptist

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