Saying Goodbye to LBC a Second Time

Lewisport BC - LBC 1

My home church was LBCLewisport Baptist Church.  I love my 1st faith family at LBC with all my heart.  They led me to Christ, grew me up in Jesus, and adopted me as one of their sons in the faith.  I am, and will always be, eternally grateful for the people and minister of LBC.

Lancaster BC - LBC 2

But over this past year, I got a chance to meet and love another LBCLancaster Baptist Church.  My new faith family at LBC 2 has become so precious to me. 

They allowed me to lead them in worship, teach them from God’s word, challenge them to lean on the power of God, and reach their community in new ways.  They opened their hearts to me and for a second time I was adopted as a LBC son.

I will officially be completing my fourth interim pastorate later this month.  Each has been a new experience for me.  Living Grace Church in 2008 was all about learning how pastoral transitions work.  Parkway Bapt Church in 2009 taught me what it means to teach on a larger scale to wider diversity of people.  Bethany Bapt Church in 2010-11 stretched me personally and spiritually.  I always thought ministry in a major city would be easy because of all the people and needs, but it was much harder than I expected.

And now Lancaster Bapt. Church.  LBC 2 taught me it is possible to deeply love a people in a short amount of time.  I learned that I really love ministry when people love to be loved by their pastor.  I have teared up more than once thinking about these fine brothers and sisters in Christ who I’ve only known for 9 months, but feels like we’ve been friends for a lifetime. 

Thank you LBC 2.  Your new pastor is going to be awesome.  Your ministry in the future is going to be bright.  You will always hold a very special place in my heart.


One thought on “Saying Goodbye to LBC a Second Time

  1. Shane, I think I speak for all these churches….We are all very grateful for your faithfulness to God, to do what He calls you to do, preach what He calls you to preach, and lead like He leads you. Because of those things God has used you as an instrument to grow His kingdom and for the spiritual maturity of many. LBC 1 and 2, Parkway, Bethany, and Living Grace all pray prayers of thanksgiving for you and for the next place God calls you to. I know I do….

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