Chat with Senator Mitch McConnell

From the Campbellsville Fourth of July Celebration. 

I was graciously invited to pray at the opening ceremonies of the big 4th of July celebration here in Campbellsville by Chairperson Mr. Terry Lile, a member of my new church.  To my surprise, seated right next to me on the stage was long-time US Senator Mr. Mitch McConnell.

Sen. McConnell was very kind to me and quite interesting to speak with.  In the picture, you can see him asking me if the Campbellsville Univ. School of Theology taught only Baptist ministry students or if we had other denominations as well.  Later on, he leaned over and asked if we were going to take an offering since we had a preacher on the platform.

Also in the photo is Mr. Troy Young, mayor of Campbellsville.


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