The First 60 Days

You are always welcome to join us Sunday @ 10:30 AM.

I have been serving as Transitional Pastor at Living Grace Church here in Campbellsville for just over 60 days.  Just 2 months in and I am really enjoying ministering together with these fine brothers and sisters in Christ.  With the return of the CU & LWC college students, we have seen many more faces come and engage with our faith family just in the last two weeks.

On the occasion of the first 60 days complete, I thought I would share a few reflections and observations I am experiencing so far.

  1. Words will never truly express how thankful I am to Pastor Jason Fox and Pastor Phillip Kelley, the previous two pastors of LGC.  Their leadership from 2009 (when Pastor Phil came) till June of this year (when Pastor Jay left) is quite remarkable.  There hasn’t been a week gone by yet where I haven’t noticed something new and improved that wasn’t present back in 2008-09 when I served before.  The congregation is more mature, more balanced, more healthy, more faithful, more committed to missions, more generous, and more focused on the needs of youth and children than ever before.  I am indebted to these my brothers, friends, and fellow pastors.  Phil and Jay, thank you for laboring so well in this harvest field.
  2. The expanded and ever-improving worship team have been very encouraging to me.  Under the leadership of our Worship Leader Benson Sexton, I am thoroughly impressed each week at this group’s commitment to worship that engages the congregation and lifts high the name of Jesus.  From those on stage to the servants behinds the scenes in the sound and media booth, I love that they are open to trying new forms of worship.  In my very short time, we had reflective and celebrative, somber and serious, passionate and powerful worship times and each week gets better than the week before.  Variety is the key.  Variety builds anticipation.  Variety meets different people preferences.  Variety doesn’t allow the church to get stuck in a “style.”  Great work so far.
  3. The children’s, student and college ministries are thumping.  When was I at LGC before, the children’s ministry was just getting going and the student ministry was slowly gaining momentum.  There wasn’t much of anything for college-age young adults.  But with the church only being 6 years old, those ministries were still in their infancy.  Now in year 10, these three avenues of ministry are growing every week.  Our leadership and volunteer teams for these ministries continue to grow and get better at ministering to these vital groups.  What a change 4 years has made!
  4. Finally, I am thrilled at a renewed passion for missions and outreach.  Every week I see and hear a desire to send people out with the Gospel around the corner and around the world.  From helping widows  and orphans, to mission work in Haiti and Ghana, in supporting local missions through The Blessing at the Well and outreach to our lakefront friends with Green River Lake dock ministry or downtown with the Family Fun Zone.  This heartbeat to go and be the church in the world has really challenge me in my personal walk with Christ.  A huge thank you to Mrs. Emily Fox for her tireless work to promote and lead mission endeavors for LGC.  You too are one of my heroes.

I am so excited about what is happening.  I believe this faith family is maturing to be what God intended her to be – a place that is committed to producing fully devoted followers of Christ.  Thank you for letting me come along for the ride.

Grace, SG

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