One Class and a Vision for Making Disciples

small groups 2014

Each Sheet Equals One Small Group (picture courtesy of Adam Coleman)

Each of these pieces of colored paper represent one small group that will launch in the coming week.  Each piece of paper represents a small group leader who is starting a small group with the purpose of reaching and growing others in their faith in Christ.

There are 29 small groups comprising of nearly 300 people.  Some groups will meet on campus, others in local churches, one will be fully online.  The topics range from the Gospel of Mark, the book of Psalms, the letter to the Romans to building community, purity, and sharing your faith, to biblical manhood, womanhood, and growing in the disciplines of prayer.   The groups will meet in dorm rooms, in lobbies, in classrooms, and even while taking a jog.  The creativity and ingenuity is through the roof good.

For the next 12-13 weeks, my students will be doing what God has been preparing them to do for years – make disciples among all nations.  That is a vision I can get behind.


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